Logtemp and SRVANY basics

Logtemp is a software for reading and processing Dallas 1-wire sensor measurements. You can use this method to run almost any application, as long as paths and names are updated.

Logtemp is designed to run on user desktop. On server environments, that would mean to enable AutoAdminLogon and call program from Start Menu\Startup. As we know, there are scenarios where we do not want automatic logon at startup.

There is a old tool called SRVANY to run any program as service. It was released in Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools. In case of you cannot find that product, you can download SRVANY.zip from here.

This guide is intended to be used on Windows server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 x64 platforms. I prefer to use delayed-auto option for service to avoid excessive load at server startup. After all, my Logtemp measuring interval is 15 min. I run service as Local system. In advanced scenarios you may need to use local or domain user.

Install logtemp

Create and configure service


Now your done. Go to Services management (Control Panel, search View Local Services) and select Logtemp Sercvice. On top, you will find Start button.

Note! Do not start Logtemp as normal application while service is running. In order to do configuration changes, first stop service!

SRVANY works as a interface for Windows service manager. When service is started, SRVANY.exe is started. SRVANY will then start Logtemp as it would run on user context. You will see both of these applications running when service is running.

Delete service