Removing EGR from Fiero

EGR is system that let exhaust gas to intake manifold while engine runs in partial load. That leans fuel/air-mixture and decreases burnin temperature, resulting less pollutions. ECM increases timing advange (max 10 deg) while EGR is activated. Therefore if EGR is fysically removed but ECM is leaved alone, it will blink SES-light or abuse engine. Removing EGR WILL NOT make more power and will not increase MPG. Usually EGR is removed only if it is already broken.

Removing EGR needs new eprom, that needs to be burned into 2732 200ns blank eprom chip. ECM has lowest temperature of engine for EGR to work. By degreasing this value to 304 deg F, EGR will never work. If you want nice-looking engine compartment, you may want to remove plumbing and valves for EGR (see pics).

You can modify the .bin with GMEpro [], that was foulded by member of PFF. Modified .bin I used is from Troymx576 and my modified version is (see .nfo included for more info). I used Willem eprom programmer [] for programming. It supports only 12.5 Vpp and needs adapter for 2732's 21 Vpp and jumper for different Vcc-pin. Adapter is so hi-fi that I put a picture of that :D

Blocking intake hole Installed Welded exhaust pipe Welded exhaust pipe

EGR system GMEpro GMEpro

1227170 ecm 1227170 FBA eprom Willem eprommer