Fiskars 1008A-10EU UPS unit

Fiskars 1008A-10EU type label

Story begins from the late 90's, when I got this Finnish-made heavy on-line UPS. It had been used for one battery set lifetime, around 5-6 years. I kept it knowing, that one day I have true use for good UPS. Years went by and around 2005 I started to have true "production servers" home. 2008 came the time for true UPS. This is it, and after 10 years, it serves well.

1008-10EU uses 5 pcs of 12V 4...5 Ah lead-acid batteries, with dimensions 70 x 90 x 101 mm. Price for one standard battery is about 25 eur and quality battery (Yuasa NP4-12) is about 33 eur. Batterys will last for about 4-6 years, depending on quality and tempereture.

Feeding two servers, ~100 W for file/web and ~50 W for virtualization platform, reserve time easily exeeds 45 min.

Fiskars 1008A-10EU Fiskars 1008A-10EU electronics

Battery failure reset (update 2018!)

For years I did not need battery reset, as I managed to change batteries before UPS noticed them failing. Battery failure happened when two batteries had around 11,6 V and three around 13,5 V, without load.

This is the guide you'll find: "Inside of the unit, close to the front panel there is an 8 position DIP switch. The uppermost switch should change the position and then the reset button on the front panel should be pressed. The unit reset is finalized by turning the unit off, then DIP switch should be pressed into the initial position and when you switch the unit on, everything is OK."

This did not clear fault indicator for me. After trial and error, correct procedure is: